These strawberries are all made from left over fabric, polyester fibre and felt fabric for the leaves. It is an easy project with instant results.

How to make the strawberries

    1. Trace around a small plate or bowl on your fabric. Ensure that you have a couple of drawn circles. Use a sharp fabric scissor and cut out the traced circles.
    2. Fold the circle in half and cut to leave you with two halves. Each half will make a strawberry.
    3. Fold the right sides together and sew together with your sewing machine along the straight edges.
    4. Turn it around so the seam is inside. Use a needle and thread with a big knot on one side of the thread and start to sew running stiches about 0.5cm from the top all the way around
    5. When finished, hold the fabric in your hand like a cone and fill with the polyester fibre. Now pull the thread to gather the fabric, make sure you tuck all the fibre to the inside. You should be able to see  a strawberry taking shape. Fasten the thread with some gathering stiches. Put aside and start to make the felt leaves
    6. Cut a star shape leaf by using a small felt square (2cm by 2cm) depending on the size of your strawberry.
    7. Sew the felt leaf on top of the enclosed opening with fine stiches in green thread
    8. Add a stalk if desired. Your strawberries are ready to be displayed.

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