Ageing a hanging basket and decorating with string


Recycled items

  • Hanging basket

  • Loads of leftover string

Also needed

  • Kettlebraai or outside fireplace

  • Charcoal

  • Firelighters

  • Matches

  • Oven gloves

  • Barbecue equipment

  • Rust activator

  • Fabric glue and paintbrush


  1. Make a fire with the charcoal, firelighters and matches. Place the hanging basket directly over the flames or coals.

  2. Wearing oven gloves, use tongs to remove the hanging basket from the fire. Take care not to drop it, as it will easily distort while hot.

  3. When it is cold, wash it thoroughly under running water to remove any traces of ash.

  4. Dry the hanging basket with an old cloth; it is now ready for decorating.

  5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using rust activator.

  6. Start to coil the string around the hanging basket’s frame in a zigzag pattern, from the topside to the bottom. Do one panel at a time. Carry on doing this until the whole basket is covered with string. Fasten the end parts with a knot and fabric glue.

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