Animal craft


As children grow up, we get rid of their toys and maybe keep one or two as keepsake. My two boys loved to play at being farmers or a zoo-keepers. My husband and I have fond memories of all the farms and zoos they built with all their animals and accessories. I have captured a tiny part of those memories for us to enjoy daily in the kitchen.

Recycled items

  • 3 x plastic animals (large enough to fit in the centre of each plate)

  • 1 piece (120 x 40 cm) 13 mm hexagonal galvanised chicken wire

  • 3 x dinner plates

  • lightweight galvanised wire (medium size)

  • string

  • white felt fabric

Also needed

  • black spray paint

  • glue gun

  • dust mask


  1. Spray paint the plastic animals and the chicken wire black, then leave to dry.

  2. When the animals are completely dry, use a hot glue gun to glue them centrally onto the dinner plates.

  3. Cut the wire mesh into three pieces of equal size. With q dinner plate flat on your work surface and the animal facing up, cover it with the chicken wire by folding the wire to the rear of the plate rim. Carefully turn the plate over, animal–side down, and secure the chicken wire into place with the lightweight galvanised wire as shown.

  4. Attach the string to the wire.

  5. Cut out a disc of felt to fit the back of the plate and glue it over the wire to the plate surface for a neat backing. Make sure you leave the string attached, but extended beyond the felt as you will need it to hang the plate.

  6. Repeat the process for each plate.

Caution: Work in an adequately ventilated area and wear a dust mask when using spray paint.

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