Ballet pump doorstops


This is a project that allows you to cherish small shoes forever. It reminds me of my little girl’s vulnerability when she was little and spurs me on to pray for her daily, wherever the walk of life may take her.

Recycled items

  • A pair of old leather ballet pumps

  • Piece of ribbon

  • Leftover wrapping paper

Also needed

  • Quick fix set cement (and a bowl and spoon to mix)

  • Spray paint (wear a dust mask and gloves when you use spray paint)


  1. Place the pumps on a protected surface and work in a well-ventilated area. Spray paint the pumps grey and leave to dry.

  2. Mix the cement according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pour it into the shoes and allow to set.

  3. When it is completely dry, cover the cement with the wrapping paper in a papier-mâché style.

  4. Attach the shoes to each other with a ribbon and use in front of any door as a doorstopper.

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