Basic Candlemaking

You will need:
• sufficient quantity of old candle wax from broken or short candles
• safe heat source (ideally an electric hotplate as open flame is
extremely dangerous near wax)
• old pot or container for melting wax
• thermometer
• moulds/containers (tins, glass or ceramic pots)
• pre-waxed wicks
• thin wooden stick/kebab stick
• small sieve
1. Break the wax into smaller pieces, then heat them in an old pot until
melted. Remove old wicks and any debris with a small sieve. Return the pot
to the heat source. Place a thermometer in the pot and measure the heat of
the wax; it must not exceed 80 °C. Mixing too many colours or scents may
result in an unpleasant appearance or odour.
2. Pour a drop of the liquid wax into the centre of your mould or container,
then press a pre-waxed wick onto the soft wax drop. Wait for it to cool and
solidify. Place the stick over the opening of the tin and twist the end of
the wick around the stick to keep it in a upright position.
3. If the wax in your pot begins to solidify, reheat it to liquid form. Pour
the liquid wax slowly into the mould until it’s level at the top.
4. Repeat this process until you have a smooth surface
5. The new candle is ready for decorating.