Better creative behaviour part 3


As an arts and crafter, I often hear people say, “I am not creative”.  How true is this statement and more importantly, why do people restrict their capabilities?  Our backgrounds, beliefs, family opinions and lifestyles mould our outlook, personalities and preferences in life.

As a qualified lawyer, who has lived in both the United Kingdom and South Africa, if I elected to practice, I had to submit to the laws of the country where I resided.  There are rules, regulations and processes to follow for every legal action. In the legal fraternity, one’s professionalism is very dependent on keeping abreast with new laws, rulings, by-laws, case studies and ones understanding of law.

With that said, I am first and foremost a believer and the most important book in my life is my ‘GO-TO’ Book, the solution to all problems, the Bible.   I am still learning the laws, regulations and advice freely given in this Book.  The Book of Life tells us all that we need to know about our Creator. His very utterance brought everything into being. We are told how God made man in His own image, as recorded in Genesis 1:27, “So God created human beings, making them to be like himself. He created them male and female” I can with confidence say that our almighty, all powerful Creator is a creative God.  He willed my life into being, knowing the number of hairs on my head and ordained the number of my days. Therefore, creativity forms part of my and your DNA. I have an instinctive impulse to create and establish order. I look at creating something of beauty from something old and no longer in use as a way of honouring God, enabling His very own image to be reflected in me. We are naturally creative beings and being creative in our own way is second nature like breathing. Creativity can be seen in the way in which we write something, do research on a paper, write a novel, clean a home, prepare a meal, paint a picture and yes even compile financial statements. God loves to see His people being creative because He loves to see His image reflected in us.

In conclusion, knowing that we were created with the means to create, gives me all the motivation required to get up every morning and honour my Creator by being creative.

If still in doubt, look at ‘C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y’ in a different light:

C-be confident, act without fear

R-be a resource of thoughts

E-be an explorer in new areas

A-be actively involved in your duty

T-be thoughtful in your approach

I-be intelligent in your planning

V-be vibrant in your problem-solving

I-be incredible excited

T-be a tinker with ideas

Y-be yourself

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