Bird’s nest


The outcome of this project was a lovely surprise. I like the simple, striking effect of the plainness.

Recycled items

  • White paper
  • Balloon
  • Picture from wrapping paper
  • Piece of string

Also needed

  • Wallpaper glue
  • Modge podge (sealant)
  • Gesso and paintbrush


  1. Before you cut out the bird pictures, coat them with sealant. Allow to dry. Cut around the edges and put aside while you make the nest.
  2. Tear the white paper into small pieces. Blow up a balloon and place on a bowl to hold it upwards. Dip the pieces of paper in glue, removing any excess glue with your fingers, and start to stick the pieces onto the balloon (leave an opening for the nest) until the entire balloon is covered with three layers of paper pieces. Allow to dry. The best place to dry it is with a peg on an inside drying line.
  3. When it is completely dry and hard, cover it with a thick layer of gesso. I like to use gesso for its natural look instead of white paint. Allow to dry on the drying line.
  4. When it is dry, decoupage the bird pictures onto the white nest by applying sealant to the reverse side of the picture and press it gently onto the nest. Allow to dry.

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