Black birds on white tiles


Recycled items

  • Old tiles
  • Bird silhouettes (printed from the internet)

Also needed

  • Modge podge and sponge brush
  • Resin or polymer coating
  • Ice cream stick
  • Toothpick
  • Small scissors


  1. With the sponge brush, paint the front of the printed silhouettes with a thin layer of modge podge and leave to dry. Using the small scissors, cut around the edges of the bird silhouettes.
  2. Wipe the tile with a damp cloth and make sure that it is free of grease and dust.
  3. Paint the back of each cut-out picture with modge podge, then position the picture face up on the tile. Paint another coat of modge podge over the newly decorated tile. Allow to dry.
  4. Prepare the resin in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Pour the resin onto the tile and make sure it reaches the edges, but does not overflow. Spread it carefully into the corners with an ice cream stick. Gently prick and remove any air bubbles with a toothpick and leave to dry in a dust-free and draught-free area, such as a closed cupboard.
  5. When it is completely dry, use it as a tile on the wall. Repeat the process if you need a lot.

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