Board game that becomes decorating object

I love board games but hate the packaging. I decide to create board games that can become permanent decorative features

The following recycled items are required:

• old wooden or metal round circle (damaged mirror or table top will do the job)
• interesting objects that can act as X or O

The following items will also be required:

• sealant/modge podge
• sponge brushes
• antique crackle base coat
• antique crackle top coat
• paintbrush
• varnish (spray lacquer)
• gold leaf
• size (glue)
• artist quality oil paint
• turpentine on a small cloth
• white ribbon or tape
• fabric glue


1. We need to prepare the surface of the wooden circle for gilding. We might need to use a paint stripper for the removal of paint. Please refer to the instructions from the manufacturer when using stripper.

2. Use the BASIC TECHNIQUES and follow steps 2–6 of the gilding technique. Do not varnish the wooden circle, seal its surface with modge podge with a sponge brush.

3. Once completely dry, you can begin with the crackle technique application, as explained in Advanced Techniques. Keep the surface flat while you coat both the base and the top. Doing it this way will maximize the crackle effects. If you choose to paint the object/s while being vertical, the finish will not be very noticeable. Allow to dry.

5. Once dried, you can spray varnish it for a shiny finish.
6. Once you have decided how you want the lines to run for the O and X, mark it with a pencil and if happy with your layout, then glue the white ribbon with the fabric glue onto the newly made gold circle.

7. Allow to dry and start to play.

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