Cover lampshades with tights and leggings


This project is just an idea to inspire you to use different materials to cover lampshades.

Recycled items

  • 2x wire lampshade frames

  • Stockings and leggings past it best

Also needed

  • Fabric glue and brush

  • Binder clips

  • Sharp fabric scissors


  1. Using the fabric scissors and cut away the fabric or paper cover from the lampshade and keep the wire frame.

  2. Place the frame inside the leg part of the tight and stretch it over the frame, make a knot on both sides.

  3. Place a good amount of fabric glue on the top and bottom rims of the wire frame covered with the stocking.  Press the stocking on the rims and attach it with binder clips to the rims.

  4. Leave to dry completely for a couple of hours.

  5. Using fabric scissors, cut away the excess stocking around both rims of the frame.

  6. Follow the same instructions for the woolly leggings.

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