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Every year, as the nights draw in and the chilly winds force fallen leaves across streets and pavements, we snuggle inside and start to draw up our Christmas lists. Christmas in our house is a time of celebration, fellowship and thanksgiving. It isn’t just one day that we celebrate, but a season of jubilee. This time reminds us to think about how much we gave and loved during the past year. The question we have to answer is: “Was my giving and love enough during the past year, or shall I do more?”

You can do so much to decorate the house, but I am going to share some simple and easy upcycling ideas with you. I like to make as many decorations, gifts, hampers and food myself as I can. My aim is to spend as little as possible on new decorations, by giving old ones a new facelift to fit in with my theme for the year. My gift wrapping is always original; I like to keep boxes, tins, pretty fabric and leftover paper from throughout the year to do the job. Because it is mid-winter, with limited daylight, I like to light a candle, tealight or lamp to create a cosy atmosphere. Of course, decorating for Christmas is a personal thing, so I will just share ideas. Embrace what you like and enjoy the rest.

On my website this month, I will share the following ideas and instructions with you:

  • Upcycle plastic cups and lids to create gift holders
  • Give your old Christmas baubles a facelift
  • Decorate tealight votives
  • Create a fake diamond napkin ring
  • Christmas balls in a hanging jar
  • Silver pin star

On my Facebook page, you can look out for the following:

  • String heart decoration
  • Crocheted and embroidered snowflake
  • Felt acorns
  • Wooden tags
  • Bedspring wreath
  • Foil stars
  • Air-dry clay tree
  • Bottle cap initials on gifts
  • Felt wreath cushion
  • Cover awkwardly-shaped gifts with tights
  • Tree display
  • Tealight displays
  • Tin bell
  • Aged bell wreath
  • Star displays
  • Handmade star ribbon
  • Gift wrapping ideas

I hope this will be enough to keep your creative juices going.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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