Decorate your own baubles


Recycled items

  • Polystyrene ball/old Christmas bauble

  • Cotton fabric

  • Piece of string or ribbon

Also needed

  • Wall paper glue

  • Staple gun


  1. Measure the circumference of the polystyrene ball. Tear the fabric into strips according to the measurements. Remove any excess threads to leave you with a clean piece of fabric.

  2. Dip the fabric in the glue and remove any excess glue with your fingers. Stretch it over the ball from the top to the bottom. Repeat this process until the entire ball is covered. Add more glue if needed.

  3. Allow the ball to dry overnight on a drying rack.

  4. Use the staple gun and staple a piece of ribbon or string onto the top side of the ball as a hanging device.

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