Denim bag


Recycled items

  • 1 x pair of old Denim Jeans or Short

  • Fabric to use as a liner

  • Fabric belt for the handle

Also needed

  • Sewing Machine

  • Needle and thread

  • Fabric scissors


  1. Use the fabric scissors and cut the legs off the jeans at crotch length.

  2. Lay the top part of the jeans over a folded section of lining, using this as a guide, cut the lining to size, and sew the lining down one side to make a tube.

  3. Turn the jeans inside out, attach the lining around the inside of the waist band using pins and then sew it on by hand.

  4. Keep the jeans inside out, trim the bottom to make a straight line and then sew along this seam-line by hand.

  5. Fold the lining down over the jeans, trim to length and sew together with the sewing machine to form a bag.

  6. Use an old fabric belt for the handle, sew it to the edges for a sling bag.

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