Faux Venusian glass

A-0257-300px A-0257-800px

Recycled items

  • Nail varnish (pastel colours)

  • Glasses (all shapes)

Also needed

  • Plastic sheet to work on

  • Apron to wear

  • Nail varnish remover


  1. Make sure that all the nail varnishes are fluid. If it is not, pour a little bit of nail varnish remover in the bottles to make them fluid.

  2. Drip-paint the varnish over the glasses on the outside and do not allow one to dry before you do the next one. Do not use a brush. When it wants to drip, turn it upside down. The idea is that the colours will mix and create a marbled look.

  3. This is freehand, so you can do it in any way that you like.

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