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The first month of the year has come and gone, and February sees a little more daylight getting through every day, making the days longer for us northern hibernators. The first snowdrops are open, and we get that deep, exciting feeling that spring will soon be on our doorstep. But before we embrace spring, I would like to share with you the craft trends for 2015. The trendsetters aren’t always sure what will be the next big thing, but Lidewij Edelkoort of Trend Union does a pretty impressive job. Her trend books have predicted what concepts will be hot years in advance. Learn from the experts:  they called 2015 “a cosy embryonic renaissance”. It includes the following:

  • Creative upcycling and recycling kicks in
  • Rope everything (I did some ideas on this theme already, in the August blog 2014)
  • Weaving on homemade looms
  • Homemade ceramics
  • Abstract patterns (another word for acceptable messiness)
  • Knitting and yarn becomes even bigger and bolder
  • The colour white is the colour for the year
  • Water, sand and light (not sure how this will inspire you)
  • Capture memories with bulk words and letters

These are just trend predictions. If you’ve been following my blogs the last couple of months I think we are on the right trend set, but there’s no need for you to be bound by outside predictions – carry on doing what you do best and enjoy it.

For my webpage this month I did follow my own ideas, but I believe they are a trend now: how to write words down boldly with recycled objects. These are easy and achievable projects.

For my Facebook page I decided on a heart theme, not only for Valentine’s Day, but as a decorating theme throughout the house.

You can look out for the following ideas:

  • Button hearts
  • String hearts
  • Egg shell heart
  • Wisteria heart
  • Puzzle heart
  • Coriander heart
  • Paper fold heart
  • Heart breakfast
  • Heart ribbon
  • Papier-Mache hearts
  • Bead hearts

Everybody tries to be creative over Valentine’s Day, from our children to husbands, so make it a family event and enjoy the moment.

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