Glass ceramic and wire lampshade


Recycled items

  • Round open bowl
  • Bottom part of a wire hanging basket/front metal part of a fan
  • Glass candle holder
  • Tissue paper (printed)

Also needed

  • Wallpaper glue
  • Electric drill with a 4/6mm drill bit
  • Light fitting with lampshade reducer rings and holders, fitted bulb and cables
  • Tools to put the light fitting together
  • Hacksaw
  • Permanent marker
  • Assistant or helper
  • Craft knife and scissors
  • Extra small bowl as a prop


  1. The most difficult part of this project is to collect all the different parts. If you cannot obtain the metal front part of an old fan, merely cut the bottom part of a hanging basket away from the top part. Decide how deep you wish to cut the basket and trim it to size with a hacksaw (the basket has a hole in the middle for the wire feeding).
  2. Using a permanent marker, draw a small dot in the middle of the glass bowl and use the glass candle holder as a drilling guide.
  3. Ask your assistant to hold the bowl firmly. Carefully and slowly drill a hole where you marked the bowl. This usually takes about ten minutes, so be patient. Repeat the process with the glass candle holder.
  4. The drilling will create white dust. Wash the bowl and the holder to ensure a clean surface.
  5. Place the bowl and the basket aside. Start to cover the glass holder with the tissue paper.
  6. Drape the tissue paper evenly around the glass holder and cut away any unwanted tissue paper with the craft knife.
  7. Cut the paper at the curved area to fold around easily. Paint wallpaper glue onto the outside of the glass holder with your fingers. Then paste the cut paper onto the glass, decorating the side facing out. Use your fingers to press the paper onto the glass, from the centre towards the outer edge, to remove air bubbles and excess glue.
  8. Place the glass on a small bowl to elevate it from the surface and prevent it from sticking to anything. Leave overnight to dry.
  9. Use the craft knife to cut away any unwanted tissue paper around the edges.
  10. Place the glass holder upside down with the wire basket and bowl on top of each other.
  11. Feed a length of the electric cable (with a light fitting at one end) through the drilled holes in the bowl, basket and holder. Use a lampshade reducer ring and holder to keep the newly made lampshade and fitting stable.
  12. Wire an electric plug to the end of the cable emerging from the lampshade, or connect it to an existing lamp socket. Fit a bulb into the light fitting.

Caution always wear safety goggles while drilling through glass. Your assistant should do the same.

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