Kiwi-fruit that will not go off



Recycled items:

4 Polystyrene eggs, small piece of green felt , small black and gold beads, green string and brown string

Also required:

Fabric glue, PVA glue, small paintbrushes, tweezers, sharp knife and fabric scissors


1. Decide how many cut and whole kiwi fruit you would like in your display. For the cut fruit, use a sharp knife to halve the polystyrene eggs.

2. Make paper templates by drawing and cutting around the circles created by the flat sides of the half polystyrene eggs.

3. Using the templates, cut out enough circles from the green felt to cover each of the flat sides of the halved polystyrene eggs.

4. Using the small paintbrush and PVA glue, stick the green felt discs to the flat surfaces of the cut polystyrene eggs.

5. To create the kiwi skin, coil and fabric-glue brown string to the polystyrene from the felt covered flat edge until it is entirely covered. If you want the effect of a peeled kiwi use green string instead. For the whole, uncut kiwis coil brown string from one end of the whole polystyrene eggs to the other.

6. You are now ready to decorate the kiwi fruit with gold and black bead-pips. Use tweezers to carefully place the fabric glued beads to the felt.

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