Magazine Table


Recycled items

  • 24-30 magazines of the same size

  • Top and bottom parts of an old table (if you can’t get hold of these, you can use two round cut pieces of MDF wood)

Also needed

  • Scissors

  • Extra-wide sellotape

  • Wallpaper glue

  • Strong bond PVA glue


  1. Roll the magazine up, as tightly as possible. Fasten it with extra wide sellotape.

  2. Repeat this process until you have around 24 to 30 rolled up magazines.

  3. Put these to one side. Use the sheets of another magazine to cover the two pieces of wood as you would with papier mâché. Put aside to dry.

  4. When it’s completely dry, glue the bottom part with PVA glue and arrange the rolled magazines in a vertical position to form the base of your table

  5. Glue the top part of the table and sit it on top of the vertical magazine base.

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