How to make a chair cover from old magazines

The following recycled items will be needed:
• Between 11-15 old magazines same size and brand
• Metal frame from an old plastic chair
You will also need the following:
• Wide Sellotape
• Ribbon
• Glue gun with glue bullets

1. Roll the magazines up as tightly as possible. Using extra wide sellotape secure the rolled-up books.
2. Repeat this process until you have around rolled up between 10 and 15 magazines.
3. Now you can start to position the rolled-up magazines to your desired taste on the chair. Once you are happy with your layout, you can start to glue the rolled-up books on to the metal frame. You will need to use the glue generously, otherwise the rolled-up magazines will come unstuck. To secure your rolled-up magazines, use Sellotape and paste an extra layer between the middle just to keep them all together.
4. Personalise your chair by decorating it with ribbon or string.

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