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Winter is officially here, and we start to think hibernation. But before you fall asleep, let us capture the year’s memories. Take some time out for yourself and start organising your memories for 2014. You can write them down, put them in digital form or just frame them. The latter one is my favourite, and I am therefore going to share some chic framing ideas with you on my Facebook page. You will be surprised how many family gifts you can make in an instant just by sorting out your own memories. Are gifts not all about memories? Before you know it, the Christmas rush will start, with glittery decorations everywhere and jingle bell songs in all the shops and you will be ready with your gifts.

The ideas on my webpage are little snippets from every part of the house:

—Cover an old bird feeder with a stocking to become a lantern

—Use painted plastic play balls to decorate a simple lampstand

—Cover a lampshade with a table tennis set net

—Make a book stool

—Cover lampshades with stockings and rope crochet lace

—Make a book/paper holder from 5l plastic cans

For my Facebook page, as mentioned earlier, we make and decorate frames this month. The idea is to inspire you to see a frame in every hollow thing lying around. As the definition defines it, as an enclosing border into which something is fitted.

—Hang framed pictures on an old ladder

—Use hangers to hang up pictures

—Tennis racquet frame

—Bronze plate frame

—Painted hanger – sideways frame

—Net tights frame

—Tea doily frame

—Cake tin holder

—Heart tin holder

—Old tennis racquet holder frame

—How to frame multiple plates

With the year’s memories in place, you can start planning for a new one with Christmas around the corner.

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