Paper flags with cut out leaves


Paper cutting is an art that I would love to master. I use basic cutting skills to make these flags. Is anyone a master of this art, who could give us some advice on how to make paper sculptures?

Recycled items

  • Fresh leaves to make templates from
  • Leftover green paper card

Also needed

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Paper for templates
  • Paper punch
  • String or ribbon to hang the flags
  • Small and big pair of scissors
  • Cutting mat


  1. Trace the leaves onto the paper with the pencil and cut around the edges with the small scissors to form the leaf templates. Put them to one side.
  2. Create now the flag/triangle template from paper and trace them onto the green paper card. Use the big scissors to cut out as many as you would like.
  3. Place the newly-made flags on a flat surface and trace the leaf templates onto them. Place each flag on a cutting mat and use the craft knife to cut out the leaves.
  4. When you are finished with the cut-out flags, use the paper punch to make some holes in the base, from which the flags will be suspended.
  5. Join them together by threading a length of string through the holes. I left a gap of 5cm between each flag, but you can adjust this to suit your requirements.


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