Plastic bottle chandelier

Recycled items

Old umbrella
Plastic bottles (depends on the amount of stretchers)
Battery operated tealights
Also needed
Black tape
Small scissors
Craft knife

1. Use the small pair of scissors and cut the fabric away from the rib and stretcher’s parts of the umbrella. (See picture above of the umbrella frame)
2. Use the craft knife and cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic bottle big enough for the stretcher to fit through.
3. Push the bottles one by one over the stretchers
4. Bend the front part of the umbrella’s stretchers backwards to form a stopper
5. Feed the tealight and battery through the hole in the bottle and fasten the battery with the tape to the inside of the opening. Make sure that the switch is close to the opening.
6. Lit the tealights and display. Make sure that the chandelier is reachable to switch the lights on and off

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