Ruler lampshade

Recycled items
Plastic rulers (amount depends on the circumference of the lampshade frame)
Lampshade frame
Also needed
Drill and drill bit
Binder clips
Lampstand to display

1. I found a whole bag of plastic rulers at a car-boot sale. The idea of a lampshade pop in my head and I started to plan. Wash the rulers in a look warm soapy mixture to make sure that they are not too much damaged.

2. You will need to find now a lampshade frame that’s height is just about 2cm shorter than the rulers. When you have all your equipment you can start to work. Measure the Hight of the frame and use these measurements as a guide to where you will need to drill the holes to fasten it to the lampshade.
3. Mark all the rulers with a marker at the top and the bottom of the ruler. Use the drill and drill the holes where you have marked it.
4. Use a damp cloth and wipe the rulers clean. Use the binder clips to fasten the rulers to the lampshade frame.
5. Place the shade on a lampstand and fit a bulb in the light fitting.

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