Scented candles


Light is a gift from creation to all living things. You can strike a match, flick a switch or light a candle. Candlelight embraces space with a gentle, flickering glow. Smells evoke different emotions, so be kind to your guests and spoil them with the welcoming aroma of cinnamon candles.

Recycled items

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Old candles (same colour)

Also needed

  • Safe heat source
  • Old pot for melting wax
  • Glass holder for new candle
  • Pre-waxed wicks
  • Kebab stick (to keep the wicks in place)
  • Small sieve
  • Cinnamon oil


  1. Place one cinnamon stick into the glass and measure the inside of the glass from bottom to top. Using this measurement, cut about 20 sticks the same size.
  2. Break the wax into small pieces, then heat them in an old pot. Remove any old wicks and debris with a small sieve.
  3. Pour a small drop of the liquid wax into the centre of the glass, then press a pre-waxed wick onto the soft wax drop. Wait for it to solidify. Place the stick over the opening of the glass and twist the end of the wick around the stick to keep it in an upright position.
  4. Reheat the wax in your pot to a liquid state. Add 2-5 drops of cinnamon oil to the liquid wax. Pour the liquid wax slowly into the glass to fill only a quarter of the glass. Place the cinnamon sticks into the hot wax all around the inside of the glass. Allow to set.
  5. Reheat the wax again and pour the liquid wax into the glass layer by layer until it has a smooth surface at the top.
  6. Your new candle is ready to evoke emotions!

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