Upcycle a cracked cake stand


The plate of this cake stand cracked right through the middle. I decided to fix it with papier-mâché and netting. This project is an ideal opportunity to personalise your own crockery.

Recycled items

  • Cracked cake stand
  • Leftover gift wrap
  • Net stockings

Also needed

  • Modge podge/PVA or wallpaper glue
  • Fabric glue and brush
  • Scissors
  • Small bowl for glue
  • Food safe varnish


  1. Tear the paper into small strips.
  2. Pour some glue into a small bowl and dip the pieces of paper into the glue. Remove any excess glue with your fingers.
  3. Position the strips individually on the cake stand from one side to the other until the entire plate and edges are covered. It is important to remove any air bubbles and excess glue. Do this by gently pressing the glue paper against the surface of your object. Always move from the middle outwards.
  4. Leave to dry overnight.
  5. Varnish with food-safe varnish and allow to dry.
  6. When it is completely dry, take a small piece of the net stockings and stretch it over the plate. Fasten it with fabric glue around the bottom edges of the plate.
  7. Your newly repaired cake stand is ready to be used.

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