White radish display


Recycled items

  • Old Christmas decoration

  • White left over stocking

  • Old embroidery hoop

  • White piece of fabric

Also needed

  • Embroidery needle and thread

  • Radish leaf pattern from the internet

  • Fabric scissors

  • Fabric marker


  1. Place the pattern underneath the white fabric and trace it onto with the fabric marker.

  2. Use the embroidery needle and thread, and work all around the edges with stem stiches.

  3. Place the embroidery work between the hoops and fasten it. Cut away any excess fabric.

  4. Slip the old Christmas bowl into the stocking, stretch it over and fasten it on both sides with a needle and thread.

  5. Work a pointed root on the one side using the stocking bits and tread. Make hair roots with the embroidery thread.

  6. Fasten the newly fabric root part onto the embroidery hoop underneath the embroiled leaves with the needle and thread.

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