Wire Basket


Recycled items

  • flat-bottomed wire hanging basket (36-cm diameter)

  • 13mm hexagonal galvanised chicken wire (62cm x 62cm)

  • metal handle (e.g. from an old bucket)

  • ±6 m string

Also needed

  • fabric glue

  • small paintbrushes

  • binder clip

  • long nose pliers

  • wire cutter


  1. Using the ageing technique by burning the hanging basket and chicken wire over an open fire and leave it to cool. Unhook the chain from the basket and set it aside.

  2. Lay the chicken wire flat on your working surface and place the hanging basket on its base in the centre of the wire.

  3. Pull the wire over the outside of the basket’s wire frame.

  4. Using a wire cutter, cut away any excess wire, then fold it over the edge of the hanging basket. Use bent nose pliers to pull it tightly over the rim.

  5. Work away any loose strands by folding them around the basket rim with the pliers.

  6. To make the handle, paint some fabric glue onto the handle with a paintbrush and glue the string to it in the following manner: starting at one end, secure the string to the bucket handle with a binder clip and wind it around the handle until the handle is completely covered.

  7. When dry, secure the handle to the rim of the basket frame by bending the ends around it with pliers.

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