PNA Workshop

I cannot believe that we have already passed the half way mark in 2018.

During the month of August, we held a workshop at Devon Valley Hotel and as always, we were indulged with a lovely buffet and afternoon snacks.
Our theme was “how to entertain with paper”. It was a celebration of festive ideas which was a great success.

Esme, who was a contestant in the second series of Kunsvlyt, guided the ladies on how to make an acorn from paper and polystyrene, a beautiful paper star wreath and star shaped boxes for décor or small gifts.

PNA once again supported us by donating beautiful sheets of patterned and plain paper. We allowed our creative juices to flow and decorated food and gift containers. We even made serviette rings, apples, strawberries, snack holders and flower and leave garlands out of paper.

We look forward to more technique orientated workshops in the New year.

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PNA Workshop

Our workshop over the first weekend of May was so remarkable and we received amazing support from PNA Helderberg. We were so excited to have 4 workshops which were fully sponsored. Our theme was “Seven shades of white”, seven referring to 7×10, being the average age of people. Each workshop
represented a phase in life, namely childhood, teens, middle age and the mature years. The ladies were guided by the examples available for their perusal. They had to create a blank canvass and fill it with their personal destiny according to the phase. We gave the ladies the opportunity to
freely explore and express their own creativity.

Our examples were:

Childhood – make of different type of felt flowers;
Teens – made a handbag from round canvases;
Middle age – paper silhouettes to place emphasis on your current age;
Mature years – decorate a breastplate in celebration of your health, beauty
and spiritual walk.

A day to remember

Better creative behaviour- part 1

Here’s wishing all arts and crafters a blessed new year and may your creative juices flow in 2018.

At the beginning of every new year, we all have an innate feeling of, ‘out with the old and in with the new’.  The reality is, our old habits always re-surface after a few days.  I think we should change our view of a new year and rather approach it with the knowledge of our past failures and move forward with the mindset to improve ourselves.

We all have our own unique strengthens and weaknesses. The question is, how do we improve on that?  After many years of research, it finally hit me!  No matter how brutal this can be, we need to be sincerely honest to yourselves and our circumstances.  When we do this, then we are at the crevice of change.  There is no such thing as perfection, therefore can be no comparisons.  There is only ONE of you.

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Better creative behaviour- part 2

February is known as the month of romance and love.  During this time, young love is heightened, the fires of passion are rekindled in mature relationships and singletons hope to be hit by cupid’s arrow.  Women and teens alike desire to be spoilt and made to feel like princesses.  We all hope for the ‘kissed frog to turn into our very own Prince Charming’. It’s at this time that every effort is made in buying the perfect Valentine cards, special chocolates, only the cutest of cuddly toys will do, and let us not forget red roses.  It’s exhilarating to give our tokens of love and in turn receive tokens back from that special person in our lives.
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Jamestown Workshops

Community work is all about sewing and reaping. You are never sure what your seeds will produce. We are a group of women who help other women. We all come from different social and economic backgrounds. If we look past these backgrounds, we are all the same. We just all carry our scars differently. Our aim is to find the true diamond in each woman. Recognize it and walk the road with them to greater destiny. Please follow us on this road as we build bridges.

PNA Workshops

PNA , the official sponsor of Kunsvlyt op KYKNET, where I am a judge made it possible for 20 woman to enjoy a Christmas workshop. Watch this space for more workshops in 2018.

Retirement Village Workshops

My mother sowed the seed in my heart to enjoy craft. Now, 40 years later I sow back into the community.