Eye catching coffee table

Recycled items:

Dry Branches (various diameters)

Old TV stand/ small table

Mitre saw (or a hand saw)


Wood glue

  1. Saw and transect the branches across their circumference in 2cm lengths. The number you will need depends on the size of the table top.
  • You will need to prepare the stand/ table for decoration. The amount of work required depends on its condition and your desired finish. You might need to deconstruct the frame, removing the legs from the table top, and treat the wood and/ or metal to achieve the finish you require. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when working with chemicals or tools (e. g. paint stripper or electrical sander), and if you sand wood, go with the grain! Sanding metal requires either aluminium oxide or silicon carbide sandpaper (grade 40). Reconstruct the table when all treatments are complete, but leave the top off.
  • When the table is ready for decoration, arrange the wooden discs across the top. Do not glue them down until you have covered the whole area. If necessary, cut some sections in half vertically to fill any gaps. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, glue each piece into place with wood glue. Fasten the top back to the stand.

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