From Drab to Fab is now available!

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Drab to Fab is packed with ideas to re-use, recycle and re-invent by taking the old and unwanted items that you may have lying around in your home and turning them into something of real value. We call this “upcycling” – taking a plain, ugly or cheap item and turning it into something of beauty!. This book will provide you with the necessary techniques to achieve this, because one person’s junk is another person’s treasure!

We hope that Drab to Fab will inspire you to create something from nothing, taking something menial and transforming it into something beautiful and decorative. It does not require a lot of skill, money or resources. You just need to start somewhere, and when you are done, to stand back and proudly proclaim that you did it yourself!

Every object in this book represents a recycled or reused item that has been modified by a craft technique to create an object of art for the home. The techniques themselves are very simple and achievable for any crafter.

Someone once said that “the best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others”. So invent outside the ordinary, have fun and enjoy the results!

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