Gold Leaf Box

Recycled items:
square wooden box
leftover wrapping paper

You will also need:
paint stripper
plastic scraper
white spirits and a cloth
sandpaper (grade 200)
damp cloth
protective gloves
protective goggles
sponge brush
sealant/modge podge
ruler and pencil
double-sided tape
rubber roller
craft knife
Kraftex Pratliglo

  1. Remove any paint from the box with paint stripper. Apply a thick layer of paint stripper to the box with a brush; the paint should start to blister within 5 minutes. Re-paint any areas that did not respond to the first coat and wait for another 20 minutes before scraping the paint off with a scraper. Use a cloth dipped in white spirits to remove any excess paint stripper.
  2. Smooth the box and lid gently with sandpaper, then wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of all the sanding dust.
  3. Using, a sponge brush, paint the outside of the box and lid and the presentation side of the paper to be used with one coat of sealant. Leave to dry. (The sealant will strengthen the paper.)
  4. Covering the box can be tricky. Place the paper face-down on a level surface, with the box in the centre on top. Trace around the base of the box with a pencil. Without moving the base left or right, tilt the box onto another side and trace. Continue in this fashion until there are four squares drawn around a fifth central square, creating a cross shape.
  5. Remove the box and cut around the outside edges of the cross shape. Place the box with the lid on top back into the centre using a little double-sided tape to hold it in place. Fold each edge up and crease the paper along the corners of the box.
  6. Turn your box upside down and apply another layer of sealant to the base. While it is still wet place the fifth , central square of the piece of cut paper(face-up)onto the base of the box. Smooth away any air bubbles and excess glue with your fingertips or a rubber roller. Repeat this process with each side of the box with the side flaps of paper.
  7. Repeat the covering process for the lid of the box.
  8. Prepare the Pratliglo according to the manufacturer’s instructions and spread the mixture onto one side of the box at a time, leaving it to dry in a dust-free area before continuing. This can take a good 5 day to complete, but is worth it.

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