Umbrella Stand

When you live in an area with many rainy days, an umbrella stand by the door is almost a necessity. Not only does it provide neat storage, but it also serves to remind you to take your brolly when nipping out.

Recycled items:

old wooden or metal umbrella stand  

pictures from wrapping paper, magazines or photos (if necessary, re-size them on a photocopier)

You will also need:

sealant/modge podge

sponge brushes

small sharp scissors

antique crackle base coat

antique crackle top coat


varnish (spray lacquer)

gold leaf

size (glue)

artist quality oil paint

turpentine on a small cloth


1. Prepare the surface of the umbrella stand for gilding; this might include paint removal with paint stripper. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Follow steps 2 – 6 of the gilding technique Under CRAFT TECHNIQUES. Do not varnish the stand, seal its surface with modge podge with a sponge brush. The sealant must be dry before pasting any images to the stand.

3. Coat the picture that you would like to put on your stand with one layer of sealant. Leave it to dry then cut out the image with a pair of small, sharp scissors. Put some sealant on the reverse side of the image and press it down on the surface of the stand in the position you’d like. Gently rub over it with your fingertips from the centre to the edges to remove air bubbles and excess glue. Paint a coat of sealant over the surface of the image and leave to dry. 4. When the stand is completely dry you can apply the crackle Under CRAFT TECHNIQUE. When you apply crackle to an object with more than one flat surface, it is important to complete one side at a time. Keep the surface flat and complete both the base and top coat of crackle before moving on to the next section. This will ensure maximum crackle effects. If painted while objects are vertical, the finish will not be very noticeable. When all the crackling is dry you can spray varnish it for a shiny finish!

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