Yarnie Hat Stand

Recycled Items:
2 x dry branches large enough to be a hat/ coat stand (or even an old coat stand in need of an upgrade)
2 x wooden blocks Yarn/ wool in different colours and textures

You will also need:

Mitre saw (or a hand saw) Hammer
Knitting needles (I used 10mm needles)
Needle and thread

  1. I dried branches and wooden blocks, collected from woodlands near our home, in the garage.
    When you are sure your wood is dry, trim the base of each branch with a mitre saw so that it is level and able to stand upright when attached to a wooden block.
    Fix it firmly to the centre of the block with nails. If you can’t find branches, an old metal or wooden hat stand will do.
  2. For an interesting texture, I used a combination of yarns. Cast on approximately seven stitches and knit a ‘scarf’ of about 5m in length, making sure to alternate the yarns after every few rows.
  3. Coil the scarf around the hat stand from top to base, securing it at both ends with a needle and thread.

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