Bangle basket


Recycled items

  • Plastic bangles

  • String

Also needed

  • Fabric glue and brush

  • Fabric scissors

  • Big round bowl

  • Cling film

  • Binder clip


  1. Cover each bangle in the following manner: starting at one end, secure the string to the plastic bangle with a binder clip and wind it around the bangle until it is completely covered.

  2. Fasten the end of the string with fabric glue. Repeat this process each time.

  3. Cover the inside of a glass or ceramic bowl with cling film. Ensure that the glass bowl has a flat bottom to form a base for your new basket.  Place the covered bangles next to each other to form a basket. Use a small brush and glue the bangles together wherever they met each other. Be generous with the glue and allow to dry overnight.

  4. When completely dry remove the newly made basket from the inside of the glass bowl.

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