Bead star

You will need:

40 wooden beads
Needle and ribbon

1. Cut a 50cm long piece of string. Thread the needle with the string and knot it at the end.
2. String 15 wooden beads onto the string and pushing them down to the knotted end. Pull the needle through the knot to secure a circle in place.
3. With the round circle in place you are now going to make the pointy bits of the star. Add five beads at a time, then secure them in place by running the string through one bead bellow on the original circle. Repeat this process until you have a five-point star.
4. Give the string a good pull to make sure all the beads are neatly intact. Tied the string by making a not and tread the end part out of the way.

Also see further instructions, click here.

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