How to cover an old tissue box


Recycled items

  • Old tissue box
  • Leftover wrapping paper, magazine or newspaper sheets

Also needed

  • PVA glue/modge podge/wallpaper glue
  • Water-based varnish and brush to apply


  1. Tear the paper into small pieces. Work on a plastic protected surface and wear an apron.
  2. Pour the glue into a bowl and then soak the piece of paper into the glue. Remove any excess glue with your fingers. Start to paste the paper pieces onto the box. Carry on doing this until the whole box is covered.
  3. Allow to dry. When it is completely dry, use a paintbrush to varnish the box with a water-based varnish. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the varnish. Place on display and fill with tissues.

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