Denim flower


Recycled items

  • Denim fabric

  • Wooden bead

Also needed

  • Needle, embroidery thread and scissors

  • Paper, pencil and scissors to make the template

  • Fabric marker


  1. Draw a circle on a piece of cardboard with a circumference of about 30cm.

  2. Cut it out and use it as the template. Use the template and draw four circles on the back side of the denim with a fabric marker, use the fabric scissors and cut around the edges of the traced circle.

  3. Fold three of the circles in the middle, cut on the fold to leave you with six half circles.

  4. Place the fourth circle of fabric around the wooden bead and fold it tightly around the bead, fasten it with the needle and thread. Put aside. This will become the center of the flower.

  5. Sew steam stiches all on the straight line of the half circles with the embroidery thread and pull it together, do this with all six half circles. Make sure they are all on one thread.This will form the flower pebbles.

  6. Place the pebbles around the center of the flower and pull together with the thread to form a flower. Fasten the pebbles to the center with the needle and thread.

  7. Cut away any excess fabric. Your flower is now ready to become a brooch or a decoration on any parcel.

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