Cress in Eggshells


Cress is a peppery herb belonging to the mustard family; it’s easy to grow and makes a beautiful decorative display on any window sill or table.

Recycled items: Empty egg shells, old wooden plank.

Also required: A drill and 32mm bit; moist soil/compost; cress seeds.


I drilled holes equidistant along the length of an old wooden plank, making sure the holes were deep enough to support the eggshells in an upright position.

After placing the egg shells in the holes, fill them to the halfway mark with moist compost. Scatter the seeds liberally, but not too thickly on to the surface of the soil. Cover the seeds with another thin layer of moist compost. Leave your eggshell pots in an area with a lot of natural light and do not allow the compost to dry out. Cress is ready to cut when the stems are 50mm high.

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