Fabric mushrooms


Recycled items

  • One half of a plastic egg

  • Small sticks

  • Old socks and pieces of fabric

  • Left over embroidery thread

  • Left over quick set cement

Also needed

  • Small bowl and spoon

  • Fabric scissors

  • Needle and thread


  1. Mix five table spoons of cement and three table spoons of water in a bowl. Place the half plastic egg in an egg holder. Fill it to the top with the cement mixture. Position the pieces of stick in the middle of the cement mixture and allow it to set. Remove the half plastic egg from the egg holder and slip it into an old sock. Stretch the sock over the plastic egg part and pull it as fast as you can around the stick. Use a needle and thread to fasten it.

  2. Use some of the fabric strips and embroidery thread to coil around the stick for decorations.

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