Feather Bowl

These bowls are simply astonishing. Everybody picks them up, not sure what to expect and surprised to find that they are superlight, delicate and made of paper. I would be happy to display them at any recycled art exhibition. Be grand and explore.

Recycled items required:

• round balloons
• white paper (torn into strips ± 4 x 2 cm)
• bag full of feathers

The following items will also be required:

• bowls (to support the balloons)
• PVA craft glue
• paintbrush
• water-based varnish
• glue gun and bullets


1. Inflate a balloon and put it in a bowl to steady the balloon.

2. Start to cover the balloon with paper strips. Use a brush or simply dip the paper strips into the PVA glue, make sure that both sides of the paper is covered in glue. Only cover the upper half of the balloon.

3. You will need to cover the top part of the balloon with about 6 to 8 layers of the PVA glue coated paper strips. Once done, leave to dry overnight.

4. Once dried, leave the papier-mâché bowl on the balloon mould. Using a wide paintbrush, apply varnish to the mould and allow it to dry.

5. Now we can start decorating the bowl with feathers. Please display this bowl where it can only be admired by the eye and not touched.

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