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Welcome to 2015! With a new year ahead, we ask ourselves: what makes me get up every morning? Not everyone is an artistic freak like me, but I refer to those people who are typing while they are supposed to be making chandeliers, the potters who are busy balancing books. We all need to pay bills and not every chandelier-maker will become an Italian brand name, but are you running in the direction of the dreams that burn your heart? Are you brave enough to do something out of the ordinary? Are you prepared to unlock the creative side of your own career? I can’t help but ask all these questions, because I ask them of myself.

With that in mind, I’m going to take a giant step for little me, which I will keep you up-to-date about; but for now, let us carry on making things.

One of the things I normally do in the New Year is sort out cupboards and drawers. This creates a feeling of order around me, giving me space to focus on all the new challenges for the New Year. Maybe it’s just me, or do you feel the same? I sorted toys, CDs, DVDs, helmets, cups and saucers; you name it. I try to give everything a second – not last – change before they find another home. Therefore, for my webpage this month, I’m making a lot of things from play animals:

  • Elephant book stoppers
  • Rhino pot
  • Monkey doorstopper
  • Animal napkin rings
  • Woolly bears
  • Zebra carrier

For my Facebook page, I plan the following this month:

  • Black wooden house display
  • Mock crack plates
  • Spray paint plastic cups black
  • Chess bottle stoppers
  • DVD holder
  • Black pegs
  • Black pot chair
  • Upgrade old bar chair
  • Paint a leather chair
  • Cover bottles with socks
  • Nametag spoons

I gave a lot of things a second chance, so now I am going to be kind to myself and give myself a second chance to do what I need to do best while working on the pressure points.

I look forward to sharing lots of ideas with you this year.

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