June: Bird theme – it all starts with an egg


We live in world filled with beautiful, colourful birds. The movies Rio 1 and 2 have captured our imaginations in unexpected ways, not only in colour but also in its novel ideas: birds can talk and have emotions?

As I mentioned before, I prefer to use earthly colour tones. The colours in Rio are just too bright for my decorating ideas. I decided to use white as the main colour this month and work around that, so some of the ideas can be used for weddings and dinner parties.

When you craft as much as I do and work with many themes, you are not always sure what the outcome will be of the ideas that sounded good on paper. I got a huge surprise this month from the outcome of some of the objects – such a bonus. Just remember again that we are not in control of everything – we’re just clay in the hands of our creator. Just as He moulds us daily, we mould the objects in our hands to create beauty.

Hope you all like the birdie ideas.

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