Make a laundry bag from old lampshade frames

Old lampshades are so versatile and so easy to recycle.
Old lampshade frames make excellent laundry bags. The bigger the better. Measure the height, the diameter of the bottom of the frame as well as the radius of the top of the frame. Add these measurements together. Fold a piece of fabric double and divide your measurement in half. Use the half measurement to mark out half a circle. Once marked out, open your fabric, you will have a whole circle which will cover the entire frame. Fold a small seam of about 1.5cm around the circle edge, use pins to secure the seam. Now you can start sowing the seam in. Leave an opening where you can weave an elastic band or cord through. Place the fabric around the frame and pull it together to cover the frame. Your newly made laundry bag is now ready to hold any dirty laundry.

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