How to make pom-pons



  1. If you don’t have old pom-pons to recycle and would like to make your own, you will need: two circular items to draw around (one with a diameter of 6 cm and the other of 3 cm), cardboard, 2 m length of wool per pom-pon, and a little extra (any colour you like) and fabric scissors.

  2. Draw two circles around the larger circular item onto the cardboard. In the centre of each, draw around the smaller template. Cut out the two larger circles and then cut out the inner circle of each, so that you have two doughnut-shaped rings.

  3. Place the rings on top of each other, then feed one end of the wool through the central hole and pinch a short length of it against the cardboard with your thumb and forefinger. Continue to wind the wool around the cardboard until the entire card is covered.  Multiple layers will influence how full your pom-pon will be. Don’t worry about leaving the ends dangling as there is no need to tie them off.

  4. The next two steps are the trickiest. Carefully insert the blade of your fabric scissors between the two layers of cardboard, and snip the strands of wool. Make sure the cardboard discs do not separate too much.

  5. When all the strands around the card are cut, pass another piece of wool between the two cardboard discs and around all the strands of wool. Pull it tightly around the gathered strands and tie the two ends firmly together. The cardboard discs can be removed, and any protruding wool strands trimmed to neaten your pom-pon.

  6. Use the pom-pon with felt hearts or more pom-pons to decorate any faded tin.

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