Old bird cage Luminaries

Recycled items required:

• Old bird feeding cages (any size)
• lace stockings
• left over white leather fabric and leaf templates

The following items will also be required:

• binder clips
• fabric glue
• paintbrush
• sharp scissors
• battery candle


1. Wash the bird cage thoroughly and remove any labels.

2. Glide the cleaned bird cage into a stocking until it fits snuggly. Remember to put the top side of the cage into the stocking first. Once in, pull the stocking tightly over the bottom of the cage and tie with a binder clip.

3. Using a paint brush, gently paint fabric glue around the rim of the bottom of the cage. Apply pressure to the stocking and leave it to dry.
4. After the fabric glue has dried, cut away any excess stockings.

5. Turn the leather over onto its wrong side, put a leaf template on it and trace around it. Cut along the traced lines using a very sharp pair of scissors. Position the leaves around the top and the bottom part of your newly made luminary and glue the leaves.

6. Place the battery-operated candle in the jar and display.

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