Recycled fibre bowl


Making these bowls is a fun project for the entire family. Not much can go wrong, and even if it does, your bowls will still have a lovely shape.

Recycled items

  • Recycled board/paper fibre (from paper egg boxes or seedling trays)

Also needed

  • Round bowl, any size (as a mould)

  • Clingfilm

  • Bottle (as a prop)

  • Wallpaper glue

  • Old plate for glue

  • Blunt knife

  • Sponge brush

  • Water-based varnish


  1. Cover the outside of the bowl with clingfilm, then turn it upside-down over a bottle to raise it above your work surface.

  2. Tear the recycled board fibre into small pieces. By tearing the fibre rather than cutting it, seams will be less visible when glued together.

  3. Pour some glue into a plate and dip the fibre pieces into the glue. Stick them to your clingfilm-covered bowl until the entire outer surface is covered. Leave to dry for 4–6 hours, then gently prise the fibre bowl from the mould with a blunt knife.

  4. Using a sponge brush, seal and strengthen the fibre bowl by applying another two or three layers of the glue. Allow each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next.

  5. Seal the bowl with varnish, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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