Side lamps

A3-387 A3-388

Recycled items

  • 2 x clear glass wine bottles

  • 1 panel (60 x 90 cm) 25 mm-galvanised mesh

  • 2 x light fittings with lampshade reducer rings and holders, fitted bulbs
    and cables

Also needed

  • permanent marker

  • an assistant (an extra pair of hands)

  • power drill fitted with a 6 mm diamond or tile bit

  • white spray paint (or any colour of your choice)

  • wire cutter

  • glue gun

  • 2 pairs safety goggles


  1. Wash the bottles and remove all labels.

  2. Using a permanent market, draw a small dot on the glass exterior near the
    base of the bottles as a drilling guide.

  3. Ask your assistant to hold the bottle firmly. Carefully and slowly drill
    a hole where you marked the bottle. This usually takes about 10 minutes.


    If the glass starts to crack, put the cracked bottle aside and begin
    with a new one.

  4. The drilling will create white dust. Wash the bottle again to ensure a
    clean surface.

  5. Spray paint the galvanised mesh and leave it to dry. Cut the mesh with a
    wire cutter into four pieces each measuring 30 x 30 cm. Shape one of the
    pieces into the lampshade by bending it around a bowl. Cut a hole in the
    middle of the lampshade to fit it onto the light fitting.

  6. Cut the second piece of painted mesh in half. Bend a piece around the
    bottle as a decoration. Fasten it together by cutting open a row of blocks
    of the wire mesh then bending them back beneath the previous row of blocks.

  7. Feed a length of electric cable (with a light fitting at one end) through
    the mouth of the bottle. Retrieve the end of the cable through the drilled
    hole of the bottle.


  8. Glue the light fitting to the mouth of the bottle with a glue gun. Once
    it is completely dry, rest the mesh shade on the light fitting with a
    lampshade reducer ring underneath the lampshade and a lamp holder on top to
    keep it stable. Wire an electric plug on the end of the cable emerging from
    the drilled hole. Fit a bulb into the light fitting.


  9. Repeat the entire process for the second lamp. Your new lampshades are
    ready to be connected to the mains.

    Caution Always wear safety goggles while drilling through

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