String grapes

– download template here –

Recycled items:

Handful of wooden beads, piece of green felt for the leaves

Also required

Green string, green sewing thread; sewing machine (optional); fabric glue; small paintbrush; piece of 1mm garden wire; wire cutters or strong scissors; brown garden twine for the tendrils.


1. Starting at one end of a wooden bead, coil and glue the string to it until the entire bead is covered.

2. Trim the string and work the ends in neatly.

3. Using a wire cutter, snip a 3cm length of garden wire and glue it to the bead at the point where you began coiling the string.

Repeat this process with all the wooden beads.

4. Cut a grape leaf-shape from the felt fabric and either using a sewing machine, or by hand, sew veins onto it. – download template here –

5. Make as many tendrils as you like by twisting, various lengths of brown garden twine around a pen to form coils.

6. Arrange all the elements you’ve created into a bunch of grapes and secure together, using extra wire if necessary.

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