Upgrade an old serving dish


Three techniques are used for this project: gilding, decoupage and crackling.

Recycled items

  • Old serving dish
  • leftover wrapping paper

Also needed

  • gold leaf
  • size (glue)
  • sponge brushes
  • sealant or modge podge
  • small sharp scissors
  • antique crackle base coat
  • antique crackle top coat
  • black acrylic paint
  • artist quality oil paint
  • turpentine and a small cloth
  • varnish (spray lacquer)
  • paintbrushes


  1. Follow gilding steps 2—6 on November blog post. Do not varnish the dish and lid, but use a sponge brush, seal its surface with modge podge. The sealant must be dry before you glue the picture to the lid.
  2. Coat the picture or pattern that you would like to put on your lid, with one layer of sealant. Leave it to dry then cut out the image with a sharp pair of small scissors. Put some sealant onto the reverse side of the images and press it down on the lid. Gently rub over it with your fingertips from the centre to the edges to remove any air bubbles and excess sealant. Paint a coat of sealant over the surface of the image and leave to dry. Refer to decoupage technique on November blog post.
  3. When the dish and lid is completely dry, apply the crackling. Refer to Crackling techniques on November blog post.

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