Upside-down Delight


I have up-cycled some goblets for a friend who redecorated her living area in a Moulin Rouge theme. She liked the shape of the goblets, but they were far too dull. I rummaged through her home and discovered old street maps of Paris – just perfect! These bright delights brought a sparkle to her newly decorated room.

Recycled items

  • coloured glass goblets or goblet-shaped vases

  • wooden curtain pole finials

  • old street-maps

You will also need:

  • small paintbrush

  • wood glue

  • wallpaper glue

  1. Turn the goblet upside-down and paint wood glue onto the underside of the base. Paste the flat surface of a finial onto the glass base and leave to dry overnight.

  2. Using the papier-mâché method (see below) and cover the new extension to the goblet, and leave to dry.

You will need:

  • plastic sheet or oil cloth

  • apron

  • paper (old maps)

  • water-based glue

  • paintbrushes

  1. Protect your working surface with plastic or an oil cloth (easy to clean). Wear an apron to protect your clothes.

  2. Tearing the paper rather than cutting it, allows for smooth seams.

  3. Paint glue on both sides of the paper strips with a paintbrush or simply dip the paper in the glue. Remove any axcess glue with your fingers.

  4. Lay the strips individually on the new extension to the goblet, and leave to dry.

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